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Re-shuffling the pack!

I was a huge Oasis fan in the 90's and they formed the backdrop music of my early adulthood; I worshipped the ground on which the Gallagher brothers walked and will be forever indebted to them for the album Definitely Maybe. So my ears pricked up when Liam gave an interview recently expressing his love of running. I never had him down as the type of guy who likes to run but during the interview, with Radio X DJ Chris Moyles (who also runs), he described how going for a run ‘re-shuffles his pack’! This has to be one of the best descriptions I’ve heard about the effect running has on our mental health; our brains are indeed like a pack of cards and occasionally, maybe even regularly, the pack can become shuffled! He also stated that ‘everything falls into place’ after a run and that he’d be like a ‘neurotic housewife’ if he didn’t get out for a few miles…not sure about the latter Liam but I’m with you on the former! (You can check out the full interview here with the running bit four minutes in…

It’s so true that the world is indeed a better place when you’ve come back from a run or indeed any form of exercise; problems that existed pre-run are certainly less challenging post-run. I know from my own experience that I get more clarity of thought during a run and the everyday challenges always seem more manageable when you’ve finished. Many people have different reasons for running, if you’re Conor Duffy you’re judging yourself on the highest possible standards to compete nationally but for most of us the joy is in simply being out there plodding along on the roads or paths. Socially it’s great too and I know of many people who owe their friendship to running and indeed some have found their life partners as well!

Liam Gallagher also stated that he doesn’t run with a sports-watch or music and I’m with him on this one as well; most of us spend large parts of our day connected to devices and surrounded by noise and all this can drain energy from our body plus increase our anxiety and stress levels. Running burns off the stress hormone cortisol and releases endorphins which are the ‘feel good’ hormone resulting in the mind becoming eased. I’m not saying you’ll end up like a Buddhist monk but going for a run or doing any form of exercise will make you feel a lot better in yourself.

So, ditch the technology, put on the running shoes, head outside, suck in the fresh air, immerse yourself in your surroundings, enjoy the moment and think of Liam Gallagher who ‘f**king loves running’!


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