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McDermott's Sports Centre sell products that are relevant to supporting you in your quest to be fit & healthy; from the casual walker to the elite competitor, we’ve got the gear to help you reach your fitness & sporting goals and with this in mind we provide the following services:


The gait cycle begins when your foot makes contact with the ground and ends when that same foot contacts the ground on the next step. The two major parts of the gait cycle are the stance phase, which is when the foot is in full contact with the ground, and the swing phase which is the movement of the foot to the next step. This cycle can be further broken down into three phases; initial contact, mid-stance and toe-off for each side. 

Most peoples initial contact is through heel striking but some land mid-foot and fore-foot.  What is consistent though is that we exert about 3.5 times our body weight in pressure each time we hit the ground and if you consider that each foot hits the ground 80-100 times per min, then that's a lot of pressure on our joints; so hence the need for proper running shoes! 

As we all move through the gait cycle in different ways, we provide video gait analysis and running assessment which will help determine the running shoe that best suits your needs.  The process takes about 10-15 minutes and initially involves discussion on your running history, followed by some basic body movements and recording of your running style.  We will then show you the results and recommend what we think are the best type of running shoes for you.  The bottom line in all of this is that the risk of potential injury can be significantly reduced by choosing the correct pair of shoes to run in.

Insole Fitting

In conjunction with our insole manufacturers Currex we provide a thermographic foot scan service to measure your foot type and shoe size.  This will enable us to recommend the proper insole to suit your needs; whether it's to help correct an injury or to simply give your foot more comfort. 

These insoles are semi-orthotic and come with the strong recommendation of local chartered physiotherapists and can be used to 'tune-up' a running shoe or even give more cushion & stability to a football boot.

Racket Restringing

We've been providing this service since 1982 and can repair or re-string all types of rackets -  badminton, tennis, squash and racquetball.  

In-store events

In association with some of the brands we deal with, we regularly have running shoe test runs, sports bra fittings and various brand promo nights.  Keep an eye on our social media for forthcoming events.

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