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Mujeeb Khan, Rohitash Gaud[Episodes : 22] - A man seeks revenge for the murder of his family. He goes to a place called “Eternal Vigilance Committee”. He visits the head of the committee, Sarbhai Vashram, and asks him to arrange for a job. Sarbhai Vashram keeps him waiting for three years and then sends him home. On his way home, he meets his wife. He is asked to go back again to the head of the committee and provide proof that he is now a respectable citizen. This time he is accepted. Back home, he is told to go out and gather more proof of his respectability. He goes to a dangerous jungle and is attacked by a wolf. The wolf loses the fight with him and the man is forced to shoot the wolf. But he doesn’t kill the wolf. He then goes to a mountain and is attacked by a tiger. The tiger takes the man to an iron room where the other tigers work. They are then asked to eat the man. A tiger explains that he is not eating a human being, but a cow. The man is asked to do some work for the tigers. He agrees. Next morning, he goes to a river and is asked to clean the river. He begins to wash his clothes, but a fish tries to attack him. The fish is then shot dead by the man. The man is asked to chop down a tree and is handed a rusty chisel to use. The man then tells the tigers to have lunch. The tigers then find out that the man is a thief and have him killed. The man is called home and is given a car, which he has been told to keep in his home. He is then told to clean a prison. He cleans the prison. The head of the prison then asks the man to do something else. He is then told to do some work for the prison officials. The officials give him a hard task. When the man goes home, his wife asks him to clean the prison again. He agrees. He goes home and his wife hits him with her belt. The man goes to the prison and is told that he has been rejected. He begins to cry. He then goes to the other prisons and tries to help. On the way home, he is chased by a dog. He goes to his house and is greeted by his wife. He is then told that the dog has taken a liking to him




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