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  • HIGH5 Energy Gummies are delicious pocket-sized chews, bursting with energy to provide you with a quick boost on the go.
  • HIGH5 Energy Gummies contain 21g of carbohydrates, key electrolytes and Vitamin B6 to help maintain your performance during endurance exercise.
  • Full of both flavour and energy, these pocket size chews help you make the most out of your activity and keep you at your best for longer.
  • HIGH5 Energy Gummies come in a box of 10 resealable pouches to it's easy to carry with you on the go.
  • HIGH5 Energy Gummies come in natural great tasting flavours, and are free from artificial sweeteners and colourings.

HIGH5 Energy Gummies Pocket Sized Quick Release Energy On The Go (Mixed Berry) (10 x 26g Packs)